Mathbrush's unofficial IFComp 2021 awards

The Belinsky Conundrum Most Unusual Game Format Award
Library Best Literary References Award
Silicon and Cells Most Powerups Award
Kidney Kwest Most Educational Award
Wabewalker The Most Necessary Deaths in a Game Award
The Spirit Within Us The Most Hidden Food Items Award
Infinite Adventure The Infinite Replay Award
What Remains of Me Most Colorful Text Award
The Vaults First IFComp Game to have Month-Long Quests Award
Second Wind Most Difficult Pregnancy Award
The Last Night of Alexisgrad First Multiplayer IFComp Game (that I know of) Award
I Contain Multitudes Most Costume Changes Award
Plane Walker Most Lifelike Math Lessons Award
Walking Into It Kind-hearted Award
The TURING Test The Blade Runner Award
we the remainder The Apocalyptic Imagery Award
Finding Light The Cute Protagonist Award
Retrocon 2021 The Most Minigames Award
Codex Sadistica Largest Amount of Unholy Metal Power Award
Fourbyfouria Quarryin’ Most Political Game Award
Weird Grief Deepest Sadness Award
Unfortunate Major Party Drama Award
Starbreakers Classic Logic Puzzle Award
A Paradox Between Worlds Best Social Media Simulator Award
Recon Most Unusual Puzzle Award
Enveloping Darkness Most Unexpected Scene with a Baby Award
Funicular Simulator 2021 Most Distinct Endings Award
Hercules! Funniest Subversions Award
How the monsters appeared in the Wastelands Best Origin Story
Ghosts Within Most Intricate City Award
4x4 Archipelago Best Replay Value Award
Dr. Horror’s House of Terror Best Big Set-Piece Puzzles Award
Goat Game Best Goats Award
What Heart Heard of, Ghost Guessed Coolest Command Set Award
Song of the Mockingbird Best Western Award
At King Arthur’s Christmas Feast Best Literary Adaptation Award
The House on Highfield Lane Best Parser Engine Update Award
And Then You Come to a House Not Unlike the Previous One Best Game Nesting Award
The Best Man The Best Award
Beneath Fenwick ‘City I’d Least Like to Visit’ Award
You are SpamZapper 3.1 1 Most Ontological Conundrums Award
AardVark vs the Hype Saddest Day for a Gas Station Award
Off-Season at the Dream Factory Best Use of Cosplay Photos Award
Sting Most Bees Award
The Mermaids of Ganymede Best Extraplanetary Underwater Adventure Award
The Waiting Room Creepiest Award
An Aside About Everything Most Broken Monitors Award
Universal Hologram Most Nested Realities Award
extraordinary_fandoms.exe Most Supportive Friends Award
The Golden Heist The Most Ways to Run a Heist Award
The Libonotus Cup Best Mix of Parser and Choice Award
Fine Felines Cutest NPCs Award
The Corsham Witch Trial Best Documentation Award
Brave Bear Most Courageous Award
Taste of Fingers Least Cute PC Award
How it was then and how it is now Most Questionable Polyhedra Award
Closure Most Surprising Use of Parser Award
The Last Doctor Lowest-Rated Hospital on Yelp Award
Cyborg Arena Best Use of Combination Chainsaw and Flamethrower Award
The Dead Account Best Depiction of Group Grief Award
Papal Summons Strangest Animal Award
My Gender is a Fish Most Contemplative Award
The Miller’s Garden Best Use of River Award
The daughter Most Advanced Society Award
This Won’t Make You Happy Best Use of Biting Award
After-Words Minimal Award
BLK MTN Most HIstorical Award
Grandma Bethlinda’s Remarkable Egg The Eggstra Credit Award
D’Arkun Best Game for Cyclists Award
Cygnet Commitee Best Use of Film Award
Smart Theory The “Hazzdink merdwey bathcunk?” Award


This is so fun! I will absolutely take cute protagonist haha.


Thanks for this! This doubles as a good non-spoileriffic brief previews of the entries I still want to get through.


Cool, thanks! I specifically entered a game in Facebook format just to shake things up a bit from the usual mix of platforms.

Next year, I’ll try and do three different unusual formats :sunglasses:


These are great! Now I’m wondering who else has won “Most Bees” – surely it would have been Cursèd Pickle of Shireton last year…


I feel happy to win the award :slight_smile:


Thank you! I, too, am pleased with my game’s…epithet? Yeah, let’s go with epithet. :slight_smile:


Dude, you are amazing! How do you find the time?