I’m not an avid Twitter user, but speaking anecdotally I’ve certainly noticed that the site’s stability is degrading, they’re putting security features behind a paywall, they’re tweaking the algorithm specifically to run up Musk’s numbers, and there are more Nazis and racists getting their racist Nazi stuff in front of people who really don’t want to see it. So can’t speak for Victor but I suspect that’s much of the context (I think he might have been circumspect because there was a contentious thread about these topics a few months ago so dredging things up again might have been a distraction. At least that’s a fear I have, so I won’t be posting again. Cheers!)


Thanks, Mike. I appreciate your prompt and honest reply.


So, Zork Social is in transition to a new owner. I apologize for the current down time!

After newly going onto Bluesky (@vivdunstan) I jotted down some quick preliminary thoughts on different social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Dreamwidth, Livejournal, Mastodon, Bluesky, Threads and Instagram). This may later be expanded to a more formal post on my “Viv’s Academic Blog” - it would update a similar article there years ago.

Mastodon is my favourite social network - other than here! - for IF types though. I find more of them there than on the other places. So it’s a really important place for me for that. Whereas other places have other strengths for different aspects of me.


Is there still a plan for the IFTF to host a Mastodon instance?


In case that’s still being considered, and IFTF peeps are gauging interest via this thread, I’ll say that I’ve been waiting for an IFTF instance to set up an account so would be excited if that moved ahead.

(Of course, I’d also have one more avenue for time-wasting, so maybe it’s better if it didn’t).