Master List of TADS Libraries/Modules

As I simultaneously map out my next way-too-ambitious project and dive into historical discussions here, I get the sense a lot of functionality I would be interested in exists as libraries or modules. Since I have so far confined myself to the TADS3 Bookshelf I am starting to evolve from “I think I know where everything is on this island” to “wait, how big IS the rest of the world?”

Does there exist a comprehensive summary of modules/libraries outside adv3 just waiting for me to leverage?

Related, I see discussions of adv3lite libraries potentially being useful for legacy adv3 users (I am particularly intrigued by the ‘scenes’ functionality). Are those modules documented anywhere, including some notion of adv3 compatibility?

If you are about to ask me “Why not just upgrade to adv3lite?” my answer is “Likely for next project, but not here for really strong reasons. Like just super strong.”

Thanks for any insights!

The list of tads3 contributions at if-archive is probably the biggest centralized resource.

I think someone who posts here was maintaining another list of TADS3 resources, but I appear to have misplaced the link.


Wow, asked and answered! Awesome, thanks!

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adv3Lite’s home page can be found here. Version 1.6 was released within the last few days. The download includes docs.

Re: adv3 compatibility, adv3Lite is intended as a replacement for adv3, not a supplement or add-on. If you know adv3, most of adv3Lite will look familiar. The “How is adv3Lite related to adv3/TADS 3?” section in the above link touches on most of the differences.

Yeah, I wouldn’t recommend switching to adv3Lite if you’re in the middle or tail-end of a project. Best to start fresh.


I actually use adv3’s contrib scenes.h, whose was basically the origin of adv3Lite’s scenes. (I think that the adv3’s contrib library from Eric Eve was the seminal basis of adv3Lite, but I’ll address the dev history later…)

Concur to Jim that is unwise to swith mid-development to adv3Lite. Better use it for new projects.

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