Mashups of IF with similar names

I was downloading a bunch of games from IFDB to play, but I mixed them up. I opened a file called Six.gam expecting it to be Wade Clarke’s game about little girls playing hide and seek, but was shocked to discover the game began with a drived going off the road in a snowstorm.

I thought that somehow Six was all framed as a hallucination about the dying protagonist’s childhood, until I realized I was actually playing the game Six Stories.

It made me wonder what other mashups of vaguely similar-sounding IF would be like (for instance, Blue Chairs and Little Blue Men, a psychedelic office intern experience. Or With Those Creatures Such As We Which We Love Alive, a surreal romance about a lonely dead arthropod on the moon).

What’s your mashup?

Ooh, Coloratura and Photopia would be very interesting. Now we know who was manipulating Allie and her acquaintances…

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galatea
The Lost Pigs of Alabaz
Robot Finds Stupid Kittens

(I haven’t actually played all of the games here)

or how about

The Moonlit Fire Tower

Also, if you haven’t seen this, you should:

There’s the immortal Duel In The Snow That Spanned The Ages.

Haha, I hadn’t realized you can click through on the names and get a generated review too. Has this been used for a minicomp? I mean, creating the games described in the reviews.