Map to navigate

I want to add a map system whereby the player can navigate to a specific location via an address he found.

This location can only be accessed via roads and directions the player need to follow to get there.

Obviously there will be multiple routes the player can take but without a map or some sort of guide it would be very difficult to locate the locations as I have plenty of roads and locations.

Any ideas or suggestions please.

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It sounds like you want a static map instead of a dynamic one, so there are (at least) two options for that. I’d suggest either:

  1. Including a pre-drawn map as a feelie; or
  2. Have a command to display the map on the screen. See Chapter 23 of Writing in Inform.

Thanks will check out number two, not sure what a feelie is and how it work with inform 7

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In the physical games era, feelies were extra material such as leaflets, photographs, plastic figurines…
Now, with digital games, feelies are extra PDFs, images, audio files…

So it doesn’t have to “work with inform 7”, it’s mostly external to the game. You can use “release along with…” to distribute these files but any other distribution method is OK.


I understand but where can I learn to use it for my game map i want to display to the player?

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If you want to display the map in the game, Phil wrote that you can learn that in Chapter 23 of Writing in Inform.
If you want to make a feelie, there’s nothing to learn related to Inform so I’m not sure I understand your question. You draw a map, you save it as my_map.png, you add it to
If you are asking about the “release along…” instruction, that in Chapters 25.6 & 25.7 of Writing in Inform.


Thanks, will check it out