Map for the Player


I want to have the player be able to access a computer and pull up a map of the spaceship he/she is on. I’d prefer to let them see the graphic I7 produces for the World Index. Is it possible to let them see that, or do I have to create my own graphic and insert it into the game?

Thanks in advance.

Well, you could take a screen shot of the inform map, cut it down to size and display that. You could use glulx image centering by Emily Short, like so:

Include Glulx Image Centering by Emily Short.

After examining the map:
display map centered;
pause the game.[/code]

For this to work you’d have to have a file called map (.jpg or .png etc.) in the project’s materials folder.

The world index map is less useful than you might think… the rooms are small and their arrangement is somewhat hard to manipulate. You may be better off just mapping it manually with Trizbort or something… heck, Trizbort can map it automatically if you give it a transcript!

Some of the graphical development systems have excellent mapping. One time I started a game in ADRIFT but when I decided to complete it in Inform I had both onscreen at once so I could remember where all the rooms were in the first version. You could sketch out your map in ADRIFT or Quest and take a screen shot of the resulting map. It wouldn’t have to have every detail, since all you need is the map.