Manon passe en revue un thon 🐟

Manon reviews a tuna - Manon’s reviews-a-thon

The Neo-Twiny Jam is finally wrapped so I can play some less recent games again! :partying_face:
Which might end up being the shortest review thread from the whole cohort because… for half of the game, I’ve either already reviewed them, or I submitted them ~ ~

So I think I will alternate in this thread between games I’ve already reviewed (link to the OG thread) and the ones I haven’t yet.
Also, in the spirit of the event, I won’t count my old reviews in the spreadsheet


A Collegial Conversation, by alyshkalia

This was a SeedComp! game, which I reviewed after the votes were cast (no organiser bias here!). Posted here, or read below:

A Collegial Conversation is a short Twine interactive piece, lasting the time of a conversation during a fancy party. Two couples of different social classes, but linked with their workplace, exchanging some… words. While the story is fairly linear, and you may not affect it, it is told in an interesting manner: each scene can be read from the point-of-view of each selectable character. By clicking on the different names, you can switch POV and read what the next character sees, hear, or feels. All scenes can be read from one POV at a time after reaching the end.

It’s not just fun to read about an event from different POvs, to see how differently they view one same situation, but explore their motivations for doing a specific action or saying a specific thing, their wants and worries, their pride and insecurities - but it also puts a lot of things into context. You get to understand the relationships between the characters, the politics happening in the workplace, and the tribulations of each characters. Even with so few passages, each character get a lot more depths than you’d expect.

I think I ended up keeping the spiciest of characters for last (it was a treat, I really enjoyed that POV’s commentary), that was delightful. I was kind of wishing after going through all possible POVs to be able to get more of Seira’s, the commissioner.

A fun use of the seeds too!

(Just for fun, I replayed it, and it still stands!)