Managing several audio files in parallel, with/without playlists. [SugarCube 2]

Twine Version: 2.3.16
Story Format: 2.36.1

Hi all,

I have a series of songs and ambient sounds that I’m trying to string together as best I can on SugarCube, but struggling to find past threads that are relevant to my specific situation.

Given the following audio files:

Song 1 (Intro) - The full version of Song 1, with it’s intro
Song 1 (Loop) - Shorter version of Song 1, made to be loopable
Ambient 1
Ambient 2
Ambient 3
Ambient 4

My goal would be to accomplish something like this:

Passage A
Play ‘Song 1 (Intro)’ once, then upon completion start ‘Song 1 (Loop)’ on loop
Play ‘Ambient 1’ on loop
Play ‘Ambient 2’ on loop

Passage B
Continue looping ‘Song 1 (Loop)’
Stop ‘Ambient 1’ and ‘Ambient 2’
Start ‘Ambient 3’ and ‘Ambient 4’ on loop

As a side note, I’m not bothered with trying to use surgical fade ins and fade outs to achieve gapless transitions.

Thanks in advance for your help!