Making money

Are there any sites you can license an Inform 7 game to, like, for money? Not a whole lot of money, but a few cents per game would be nice. is a service which is well-suited to this. It’s popular, it’s easy to create an account, and you can put any kind of game up there for any price (or free).

I have several of my games there (including Hadean Lands); Dave Cornelson just put the Textfyre games up there.

Awww, ninjaed by Zarf.

Well, ninja’d or not, thanks to both of you!

Good info, thanks. Honestly I think that people look at commercial games as only a way to make money, but I also see it as exposure for the entire community: a lot of people spend their time look at games to buy, a place where most of IF doesn’t end up.

What about me, Tootsie Childs?