Making location images bigger?

I’ve been working with Em Short’s location images extension for a while now and I really like it, but I’d like to make the images display slightly larger as they are pretty small. Is there any way to set the size they display at? Or at least make them a bit bigger?

Where did you get that Inform 7 extension? What version are you using?

Oh thanks! Sorry, I didn’t see that part of the documentation, and so didn’t think to look in there! It seems to be working pretty well, and the size is much better!

I’m just wondering. Is there a way to change the image file associated with a particular Figure. For example, if I want to show a secret door in an image once it is opened, could I change the image to one where it is?

Figures are set at the beginning of play. I do not believe you can change them, so you’ll probably want to set a separate figure for the image of an open door.

Figure of door is the file "irondoor1.jpg". Figure of opendoor is the file "irondoor2.jpg".

If you can change a figure during play, it would need to happen within a rule. No guarantee this would work:

Carry out opening the iron door: now the figure of door is the file "irondoor2.jpg"; [some code to refresh the image with the new picture]

No, you can’t do that (changing what image a figure points to mid-play).

You can, however, have “a figure name variable” which can point to different figures at different times.

Thanks for clarifying Draconis!

Unless you have some specific system where you’re choosing images randomly somehow and need to refer consistently to an image that is changing on the fly (re-displaying a random monster during a battle where the picture changes?), it’s probably just easier to make different figures for different pictures.

Okay, thanks! Can you tell me specifically how to change the image for a room then, if the above code doesn’t work? I think I’ll stay clear of monster portraits, or cheat somehow with them (Move player to a room with the monster set as the location image).

[code]Potentially Creepy Room is a room. “Oooh, potentially creepy.”

Before looking in Potentially Creepy Room:
if lights-on is false:
display figure of creepyroom;
display figure of notcreepyroom.[/code]

Oh cool, thanks! Is there a way to set the figure of a room to something else permanently, though? I’d like to avoid making an extra check in each room.

I think…you could probably set a variable like “PCRoompic is a figure that varies. PCRoompic is figure of notcreepyroom.”

Then when the player turns the lights off “Now PCRoompic is figure of creepyroom.”

Inform 7 is kind of all about checking things…so to do what you want requires some coding. It would be pretty much the same if you were changing text room descriptions as well.

You generally want a “figure name” for variable types (like “table name” et sim).

Draconis is right: “figure name”. Now I remember I had to use “sound name” when I was trying to call a random sound.