Making a Hidden Link in Harlowe 3.0.2/Twine 2.3.1

As seen in the heading, I am using Harlowe 3.0.2/Twine 2.3.1 download. I am wanting to make a hidden link, but following the Twine cookbook does not work. The cookbook only goes up to Harlowe 2.0, so I do not know if the same code will work.

I write my passage, add a separate passage labelled [footer] as the cookbook describes, copy everything in (copied, then I rewrote everything just to see if copy/paste was broken, both the section I just want and everything written in the Twee code), tag the first passage as a footer, and all it does it replicate the text in the first passage, not create a hidden link.

Anything ideas?

Thanks in advance.

The Twine cookbook code works fine for me with Harlowe 3.1.0. From your post, I suspect you’re copying it in wrong: are you putting it all in a single passage? The example has three different passages and also some text that goes in the story stylesheet. In the Twee format, a line starting with :: marks the start of a new passage.

Also, when you say “passage labelled [footer]”, you should be giving your passage a tag footer (with no square brackets). That’s another Twee format thing: after the passage title, you put tags in square brackets: [tag1 tag2 tag3].

Maybe you’re doing all these things correctly, but it wasn’t clear from your post, so those are the first things I wanted to check on…

As explained in the Cookbook’s documentation, you can download the Live Example HTML file and then use the Twine 2.x application’s Import from File option to import that HTML file into the application as a new project. After doing that you can open that new project and view all the different Passages that make up that solution, and see how those passages are Named and what Passage Tags have been assigned to them (if needed)


I have downloaded the Live Example and worked it from there. Thank you for the quick replies and fixes.

I was styling it in three passages (initial passage, hidden passage, footer passage), but was missing the < script > (having to put spaces in so that it will show) portion from my writing and deleting/adding the /. I was unsure as to whether the former belonged in the code and wasn’t just a heading for the code underneath in the Cookbook, and was not sure if latter needed to be at the start, end, or both parts of the code.

Yeah, use the “preformatted text” option (the button looks like an empty html tag </>) to prevent the forum from eating your code, or put backticks around it.