Making a door close after X amount of time


I am trying to create additional variations of doors. I have the self explanatory code below. Please note: I have tried to write this code to work, but I have given up trying. I have written this out so it is self explanatory. I am aware this is VERY wrong but I just can’t seem to do it and now I need guidance. I would really appreciate it if you could help.

A door can be either magnetic or not magnetic. A door is usually not magnetic.
A door can be either swinging or not swinging. A door is usually not swinging.

If a door is swinging:
	now the door is closed in 3 turns;
	say "The [door in questions name] swings to a close." in 3 turns
If a door is magnetic:
	when the door closes it also becomes locked.
If a door is swinging and magnetic:
	then the door will close in 3 turns;
	say "The [door in questions name] swings to a close and becomes locked.".
	when it closes it becomes locked too.

Side note: I can make a door close and lock upon going through it, but I want to add in the factor of time as the door will close even if you don’t go through it

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