Make It Good 'hint' needed

I have been playing and thoroughly enjoying Make It Good, by Jon Ingold. I must confess, I felt I had no choice but to stick Anthony’s shoes into the footprints that I supposedly found(that were, supposedly mine–I had to put his shoes there for comparison’s sake, by golly, pouring water there first, for lubrication) in the flowerbed, under the roses at the wall. I successfully got Anthony arrested, with plenty of other evidence, except that I can’t get Emilia to back up the accusation. Every time I try to tell her about Jenny(although apparently she heard the telephone conversation), the game won’t ‘let’ me(saying something to support telling her, without actually doing it). Does the dog have anything to do with a ‘positive’ solution to the game? I am aware that the dog belongs to Jenny, as I have thrown the stick into the house, bringing dog and Emilia into contact, where I ask her and she tells me that the dog comes from #7. (But how did I know that Jenny lives at #7? Oh, wait…Is that another thing about my character I don’t know, until now…??) How do I get Emilia murderously jealous, so that she would betray Anthony by backing up my accusation??

I know that there is plenty of evidence here to suggest that my character is the murderer–however, we have only Anthony’s testimony, and he’s a lean-and-hungry type who would lie to save his own skin. I could have been laying in the bushes one day and he could have easily gotten my shoes and my button, and put my prints on the weapon. Any of that evidence can be explained away, plus the murder took place only a half hour before my arrival. (by the way, I have tried Emilia’s and Angela’s shoes in the footprints, to see if they could get arrested, also showing Joe all possible evidence–he won’t arrest them–and I can’t get shoes from William).

Can someone please give me just a gentle nudge in the right direction–is there a way to turn Emilia against Anthony?? I have tried telling her about Jenny, and I think she did hear my conversation with Jenny/Anthony over the phone. Is there more that I need to do with the dog(or is he a red herring?)? Do the numbers(house numbers?) in the back of the novel have anything to do with it(is Angela more guilty than appears?)? Did they all have a role in this murder(I can’t see a man putting those gashes in Jack’s face)? I can see William being a sort of ‘lookout’. I may have been the blackmailer, but that doesn’t make me the killer(why kill the golden goose?). Okay I’ll shut up and let you answer. Great game.

Okay, I figured it out, and ‘won’, thank you all for reading my request.