Make footer exception for certain passages

Twine 2 / Harlowe 3.1.0

Hi everyone,

I’d like to have one passage not display the footer, and can’t seem to get the right solution. Still a baby twiner, but trying to learn as much as possible from other twine-made stories (and haven’t come across this one), so apologies if this question seems simple. The information on the Twine Wiki is so reduced, that in most cases, it doesn’t really help me a lot.

X Tbot

You can use a ‘known’ Passage Tag (like nofooter) to mark each of the Passages you don’t want the your footer tagged Passage to be appended to.

And then use an (unless:) macro to check if the tags array of the current Passage (accessible via the (passage:) macro contains the ‘known’ tag, and conditional display your footer tagged content as needed.

(unless: (passage:)'s tags contains "nofooter")[This is the footer tagged Passage's contents.]
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Thank you so much! Makes perfect sense. Learning step by step…