Macintosh Zmachine terps that do sound effects

As I draw near to releasing Uninvited, my betatester tells me that he’s unaware of any Macintosh Zmachine terps that do sound. As I use Linux, I’m not terribly up on what’s available for Macs. Would someone please enlighten me about what Mac users should use for games that have sound effects?

Bocfel, which is used by the latest Gargoyle release, has limited support for sound. The caveats are as follows:

  • Bleeps are not supported
  • No routines are called when the sound effect ends
  • The hack for The Lurking Horror (in the remarks to section 9 of the standard) is not implemented
  • AIFF files are not properly played by Gargoyle

So if the game uses non-AIFF sound files, Bocfel will be able to play them. I just committed a fix to Gargoyle for AIFF files, too, so the next release should properly support them.

This all assumes that the Mac builds of Gargoyle include sound support; I imagine they do, but I have no Mac to test it on.

Ah. Well, Uninvited’s sound effects are all AIFF.

You could transcode the files to ogg for example.

I thought AIFF would be the simplest to support.