Mac Inform 6M62 and Ventura (os x 13)

I’m going to be wedded to 6M62 for awhile (years) for my current project. Or until Inform 10 starts being able to pretend to be earlier versions.

I’m currently using this unofficial build of 6M62 on Monterey (the os before Ventura):

When someone upgrades to Ventura, could they please check if this build I linked to still works on it? Thanks


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So, has anyone who hasn’t dismissed this topic gone to Ventura yet? And I don’t mean the pet detective.


It still seems to work here on Ventura (running on my M1 Macbook.)

I updated my Mini yesterday, so I can try it…

…It runs. That machine doesn’t have a touchbar, though, and I don’t have dark mode on. So that doesn’t tell you anything about the specific problems.

Thanks. This all sounds pretty good to me. I’m using a 2021 M1 iMac. I’m going to upgrade. If it doesn’t work for me, I won’t blame you. I’ll just start hassling people to make it work again :wink:


After backing up my main drive, I upgraded. The version of 6M62 linked in my OP appears to be working fine in Ventura.