Lydia's Heart Hint request

Hi All,

I’ve made some significant progress in Lydia’s heart, but am at a point where I’m afraid I’ve made the game unwinnable.

[spoiler]I’ve found all the figurines, and destroyed all except Beau’s. I’ve got the map, shed key, and two of the three items the clown needs. I know where to get the bones for him, but thus far that seems to be a one-way trip.

My issues are A) that the flashlight batteries are dead, and I don’t know where I’d get new ones, and B) I’ve accidentally used up both methods of getting rid of the maid. Is there a third way I’m unaware of?[/spoiler]

Thanks for any insights!

Well, scratch that. :slight_smile: I managed to complete the game without needing to redo as much as I thought I would. It was quite a bit of fun.