Lux is a bit similar to Terminal Interface; it also features a highly unreliable narrator, poisonous gas… - but it’s longer and more ambitious. There’s one really great puzzle a la Spider and Web - and the reward for solving is also cool and unexpected. The “bad” ending is worth seeing, too.

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I enjoyed this one. Enough to actually play through to both ends. Writing is solid, idea is ambitious and well-implemented. I should’ve poked around more for achievements (found two cookies!), but I was never sure if I was actually at risk of instant death, haha. I’m not always the best at handling dramatic tension. Seemed pretty merciful, though I can’t say for sure there’s no way to permanently mess up. Definitely in my top ten-- not sure on top five, there were a fair number of very good games this year and I have not had the resources to order my list. But definitely would make the cut for 10. And it’s a quality top 10 this year.

A large, well-designed game. I’ve posted a review of it at my blog.