Luster (IFComp 2011) -- stuff I'm stuck on

I’ve gotten farther through Luster than before, as I’ve gotten the

Midnight Gem, Blue Gem and Green Gem.

However, I believe this leaves one more, and I also don’t see how to

Unlock the store front with a key for the wooden door.

Also, I’m unable to figure where to find a

coin to put in the cube north of the train tracks

All this seems to be related but with 17 of 55 points I am worried there’s a chunk of stuff I don’t know.

Also does anyone know what the power source does? I assume I

switch off red, indigo and blue as in the graffiti in the cell but I don’t know what this helps with.

Thanks to any that can help. I’d always wanted to come back to this game just to see how it ends.

Maybe the 2011 game authors would be the best source of info on this game (IE as you and I and other authors tried to review every game, or a sizeable portion of them) and they’ve probably forgotten what they knew about this game by now. I know that I have! Sadly, that might make you the best Luster player in the world.

  • Wade

Whoah. That’d be something, I guess. I can get 3 of the 4 gems. I searched the author forum and found nothing, sadly. I wish the author would’ve stopped by.

green=put mat on rectangle.s.s.s.s.s.e.get compartment.put yellow in compartment.put blue in compartment.close compartment.switch compartment.get green.put water in goblet.put green in goblet.get green gem. bulb.get bulb.e.nw.s.s.s (to forest center).e.e.s.s.s.get gem.get gem.n.n.w.w.n.n.n.n.n

From the fork, w.nw.s.w.get on raft.w.get blue.n.get pen.s.w.attack swordsman with pen.g.g.g.e.get blue gem

So I have the one gem left to go and apparently it is the metallic gem.

I’m at 32/55 with points for placing the gems on pedestal1/pedestal2/pedestal3 (5), placing the mat on the dirt (7) and getting the green and blue gems to start a puzzle (5 each.)

I noticed Michael Martin’s review said he’d completed the game so I may bug him. Apparently he needed to consult someone else.