Lunchtime games

I heard some time ago about this topic.
I want to know more games like Emily Short’s “When in Rome #1
“As the author says, this is a lunchtime game. Easy and brief: just some 15 minutes to reach the end (though it doesn’t really end, cause 4 more episodes are coming - supposedly).”

Anyone may suggest more games to grew up list?


Aisle - Details (

A game which lasts only one turn. Depending on your action, you learn something about your character’s background. Through many plays, you can piece together your characters history.

Another vote for Aisle from me.

Some additional recommendations:

(One will want to spend more time with some of the games, but an individual playthrough is relatively short.)


I made a list of games like this a while ago, haven’t updated it recently:


Thank you, I just know I have seen this topic before elseware.
Many games (around 30) from the last ifcomp may enter this “lunchtime” categorie.
Curiously the game that start the topic isn’t in your list.


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I never get tired of recommending Lime Ergot.

The Ectocomp archives would be a good place to look for more short games.


SpeedIF and Mini Comp games are usually fairly short. They also tend to have a small map, so you can keep it in your head. Admittedly, they’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but I used to enjoy playing them on my phone while travelling to and from work on the train.

The Day That Love Came to Play. And probably others of the Apollo 18 Tribute Album but I haven’t played the others.

Take the Dog Out

Craverly Heights

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Also, you may create a poll of games for this topic at IFDB.

Mathbrush has already one topic for lunchtimes at ifdb.
See above.

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What about Daddy’s Birthday? :slight_smile: :cake:

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Who could forget this one? Pick Up The Phone Booth And Die - Details


I never played Pick Up the Phone Booth and Die until just now, and it led me to Pick Up the Phone Booth and Aisle, which is absolutely the most amazing game I’ve ever played. I’m cracking up. :laughing:


I have played spanish traduction of “pick up the phone and die”, I will give a try to " pick and aisle"