Ludum Dare 50: 20 Year Anniversary - New Competition Format!

Ludum Dare is 20 years old and they’re changing things up. Traditionally, it was a 4 day jam event and that was it. However, this year they’re introducing “Ludum Dare Extra.”

Games can now be submitted in “Extra” format. Ludum Dare Extra games are like normal Ludum Dare Jam Games, but you have nearly 3 weeks to submit them. Ludum Dare Extra submissions will be open from Friday April 1st to Thursday April 21st. This is good if you were interested in joining in the past, but were intimidated by that 4-day window, or your availability rarely lined up.

Given this extra time, I thought it might be fun to collaborate on a more ambitious project than a hastily coded one-person speed-IF. More time and more contributors might make for an impressive IF entry in an event that IF entries tend to get sidelined. Besides, it would be fun. If anyone is game, pipe up!

Either way, this could be a great year for more IF entries in general, given the relaxed timeline. Here’s the Jam announcement page and here is a page introducing Ludum Dare for those unfamiliar.

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Link fixed. Thanks for telling me.

Ludum Dare opens one week from now. Just a friendly reminder to anyone considering it.

Ludum Dare is officially open. The theme this year is “Delay the Inevitable.” Should be a challenge to figure out how best to implement that for IF.

With the Extra category, you have 3 weeks to complete your game (April 21st). There are over 4000 entries, both solo and team, and over 5000 unique Authors, so this is a pretty big event.

Best of luck to anyone who joins.

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