LucasArts Style IF Engine - Testing the Waters.

I realize this is not exactly what the original poster is going for, but I think it’d be neat to have an extension that functions, basically, like having the IF postcard on the screen along with the game. The player would be able to turn it on or off, and it would just be a window, or expanded status bar, or box, whose sole purpose would be to display a list of the most common standard verbs (or whichever verbs the author wanted to display). It can be hard to watch novice players typing in lots of things that don’t work and getting frustrated from not being familiar with standard verbs or with how commands are typically constructed (e.g. avoiding adverbs). Having a help command or menu that lists these things is good, but maybe new players would be more likely to consult the list if they didn’t have to keep typing HELP to see it.