Lost Coastlines High Scores

Now that the first reviews of Lost Coastlines are out, I thought I’d start a thread for people to post their high scores.

…if, of course, the goal of the game is to maximize one’s high score.


I’ve enjoyed it so much I haven’t worried about high scores. The names are just fun. I’d rather solve all the quests I can instead of maximizing my score–figure out what’s in each blank area, for instance.

Yambolzol Cap
Shumlarum Sea
mountain of buttonup
Outer Zultusk

Part of me also really wants to share the map I made but I won’t if it’s too spoilery.

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i mean, it’s a procedurally generated map so I don’t think it’d be too spoilery, but of course that’s your call.

I personally feel LC is best played with a hand-drawn map

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Of course the names of the towns and islands themselves could be considered spoilery. I thought they added a lot to the wonder of the place when I first encountered them on my travels.
Or they could just be teasers to make people more curious…