Looking for writers for the beta test of a new app: Sana

Hi everyone!

I’m Karoliina, the Creative Director at a company called 10th Muse, where we are building an interactive text adventure platform for romance novels. We have released the first version of our app a few weeks ago (you can find the download links on our home page: https://www.sanainteractive.com/) and are now putting the finishing touches on our writing tool. We have just opened sign-ups for the beta test. If you would be interested to try our tool, please join our mailing list to get an invite: https://mailchi.mp/10thmuse/betatest

While the content we have in the app is aimed at romance novel fans, we do not restrict the genres and would be very interested to hear feedback on the tool. Our goal is to make the tool fast, easy and super simple, while allowing for interesting branching narratives.


Color me interested. My questions:

Do authors need to subscribe to create with the tool?
Does the writing tool work on a desktop computer, or is it all device-based only?

Hi Hanon!

No need to subscribe to anything! The mailing list is only used to send information and invites to the Beta, nothing else.

The writing tool works on any browser, no need to install anything. It’s optimised for laptops and tabletops, but can be used on tablets as well. It does not yet scale nicely to mobile, but is functional there as well.

It’s also worth mentioning that all rights to any work done with the tool stay with the author. If the author wishes to publish, they can grant us the right to publish, but the intellectual property rights stay even then with the author.

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