Looking For Writers For New Interactive App (PAID)

Hi all!

I’m working on a new app at the moment which will have a strong focus on interactive fiction and stories. The app is not released yet but we’re looking for IF writers who would be interested in collaborating on what we’re doing so that when that time comes, we have plenty of content for people to enjoy.

We are commissioning people to do this, its a very straightforward platform to use and we’d show you how to use it and be there to help along the way. We’re keen to work on unique and immersive stories which allow the user to make choices that will affect their journey, we want these to be more than simple X/Y options and are looking for a variety of genres. When the app is fully released it will allow people to enjoy content already created but has been designed so that anyone can use it to create their own experiences without the need for knowledge of app development or programming.

If you would be interested please let me know the best way to contact you or DM me for more information!

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


What platform does this app run? Web? Windows? Mac? Android? iOS?

I’m not interested in web app, and my computer runs Raspberry Pi.

Hey! It runs on Windows/Mac, but we’d ask you to download the app to create within it.

Hi, I write IF fiction on a couple of apps and I’d be interested. If you can, could you DM more information about it?

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Hello. I am definitely interested in this. Please DM with more details (can’t find your DM button for some reason?). Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Welcome, Russell. Brand new users have limited private message ability, but if you hang around, read posts, and participate, that functionality will open automatically.