Looking for writer to collaborate on entry for IF Comp 2015

Hello, all,

I’ve been monkeying around with Inform 7 for several years and recently completed a large project porting an old I6 title. I finally feel confident enough about my coding ability to hazard an entry in the IF Comp, but I recognize my writing skills are still lacking.

Anybody out there with the reverse problem that would like to collaborate on an entry for next year’s comp? The basic plan would be: You provide a transcript, I turn it into code.

Since it takes a large investment of work to do this sort of thing right, I’d be looking for a brief synopsis of the story and a few pages of sample transcript by which to gauge your contribution. You are welcome to the 150,000+ word source of my recent project as a way to gauge mine.

Send a PM here if interested; I’m ready to get started ASAP. Thanks for your consideration!