Looking for VN/dating sim IF

Several years ago I played The PK Girl, a dating sim in the classic Japanese visual novel tradition with anime-style art, but produced in Adrift. It had several female characters that were individually romanceable as well as a main plot with multiple endings depending on the relationships developed with the girls.

I’m wondering if there are any other notable hybrid VN/IF games, especially parser-based. In theory, any illustrated choice-based game of sufficient length could be considered a VN, although it wouldn’t necessarily use Japanese VN conventions. But it’s rare to have a long parser game that’s illustrated sufficiently, and even rarer to have one that uses dating sim or VN conventions. Thoughts?

I reviewed one game that matched this description… it wasn’t very good, not at all, but it’s still technically a dating sim/adventure game hybrid.

My suspicion is that you will find more of this genre overlap in the AIF corpus, plus some potentially unwanted baggage.

I rather thought so. Don’t really want to go too far in that direction. Thanks, guys!

They’re not illustrated, but most (maybe all?) of the Choice of Games interactive novels do include options for romance.