Looking for testers for small difficult IFComp puzzle game

As a prize for IFComp last year, I wrote a small sequel to The Owl Consults called The Origin of Madame Time.

After consultation with the authors of The Owl Consults, I’ve decided to enter the game into IFComp. Unlike my past games, it’s not designed to win: it’s short instead of long, difficult instead of easy. But I hope it will be fun!

I’m looking for a few beta testers. It’s been tested by Mike Spivey, who provided significant help, and now I’m trying to find additional perspectives/actions that we hadn’t considered.

I’m definitely willing to trade testing with anyone!

Tentative blurb: "Every ending is another beginning. As superheroes battle and clash, rise and fall around you, disaster strikes. In a moment of violent terror, you discover your gift: the power to stop time!

You have all the time in the world–but for everyone else, they’re seconds from death by nuclear radiation. It’s up to you to save them all!"

Thank you to those who responded, I have enough testers for time being. I’ll probably need a couple of follow-up testers later on, so if anyone wants me to test their game in return for later testing of mine, I would be more than happy!