Looking for testers for Risorgimento Represso 2

I’ve got 5 people lined up now, thanks everyone.

If anyone’s still desperately interested let me know, but we have enough, so no one feel obligated.

I’m looking for a handful of people willing to put Risorgimento Represso 2 through its paces.

Yes, 15 ridiculous years in the making… well, not 15 years or work, but it’s taken 15 years to get it done. It’s lived through the birth of 3 additional children (mine, not the game’s), having all WIP lost in a hard drive crash, and multiple massive revamps of the structure.

So… 15 years in the making! Less cheesy than the original (a few cheeses fewer, but new ones and better tyromancy visions)!

It builds now as a Z8, zblorb with sounds & cover art, raw ulx or gblorb with sound, cover art, sidebar image, clickable compass rose and automap.

If anyone’s interested, please contact me here or email turthalion gmail.com.


Ha, I read about a possible Risorgimento Represso 2 in the old forum posts this year and I was bummed it had never been finished. This is great!