Looking for Testers for new game- working title: Suicide

Suicide is a one room game in which you play Diana, a seventeen year old girl who decided that she is ready to commit suicide. It’s a dark humor game, with multiple endings (various ways to kill yourself) as well as plenty of ways to unsuccessfully kill yourself (YOU HAVE SURVIVED). There are also some ways to fight the urge and decide you want to live.

It’s not a deep, brooding game either, and hopefully it can show the effects of suicide attempts, both in the long term effects of failed attempts (such as disability) or the effects on success (such as the effect on your parents).

The game is bare-bones ready, and it seems to work, but I want to flesh it out more and would like any help people can provide. It’s written in inform and playable on the Z-machine. It has the ingame hint menu used.

If there is any interest, please email me at dan.doyleiii@gmail.com and I can get you the latest copy. Thanks!