Looking for testers for medium-short narrative parser game


I’m about one-half of the way through writing my IFComp entry this year (I’ve got basically nothing on these next few weeks, so I’ll almost certainly finish it). It’s a story-based game, with plenty of conversation and a few minor puzzles. I’m implementing it “chronologically”, so the first half is finished and test-ready while the second half is nowhere to be seen yet. It’s written in Inform 7, compiled to Glulx. PM me if you’re interested. Thank you in advance.

“Pro Pace Pugnamus”. That’s the Pegasus motto: “We fight for peace”. A global network of Agents, selected from and armed with the best humanity has to offer, are sent out to defend the world from itself. There are no supervillains, no Martians, just very angry and very dangerous other humans. When your entire being is built around thwarting them, can you afford to trust anyone?

Trigger warning: drug use, mild bad language.