Looking for testers for IntroComp project

Hello! I’m looking for testers for my IntroComp project. It is a fantasy game with some rpg mechanics, and is designed to be merciful (at least in this intro). The game is written in Inform 7and released as a gblorb file.

While I have no included walkthrough, some hints are implemented. It shouldn’t be a long game, depending on how deeply you delve into it.

Now, I don’t think that I’ll have PMing ability when this post appears, so if you are on the IFMud, you can contact me on there for the time being ( Knight_Otu with an underscore).

Edit: Apparently, I do get to PM people, so scratch that last sentence.

I have just uploaded my intro to the IntroComp site, and no longer need testing. A big thanks to my testers!