Looking for testers for a comedic parser game for IFComp


I’m looking for testers for my Spring Thing ParserComp IFComp game. You play as a mad scientist trying to make a deal with the Devil while fending off the world’s least effective torch and pitchfork-wielding mob. It’s made in Inform 7. It’s pretty short; there are 8 locations with 3 significant NPCs, with about 70 moves in a minimal playthrough, but it has topic-based conversation and (somewhat limited) persuasion mechanics, so there should be plenty of stuff for testers to dig into.

Any feedback is welcome—SPAG, bugs, pacing, design, etc—but I’m particularly interested in feedback on the puzzles and whether they make sense, as well as any unimplemented topics or commands that a player may reasonably wish to try. And also on estimated playtime, because I’m not sure what to put on the form.

Please PM me if you’re interested. Thank you in advance!