Looking for someone willing to plow through IFComp candidate with walkthrough

What the title says. Or, you know, if anyone is just looking for something to test and contribute, that’s great!

I have a comp game that ClubFloyd picked apart, and I think I’ll need one more set of eyes to look it over. A walkthrough-aided transcript would be incredibly helpful as it’s a bit on the longish side. I’d be glad to test someone else’s prospective entry as well.

It’s in the same vein as Low Key Learny Jokey Journey, but it features a few NPCs, and I have some last-minute player help I would love to make sure is nailed down.

Given the game’s size, I probably can’t meaningfully process feedback from more than 2 testers at this point, but I’d also like to extend an offer of testing, especially if someone has a walkthrough for their own short entry.


I’ve appreciated your testing since Scroll Thief, but I’ve also got a bit of a backlog of comp entries I’ve offered to test. If you’re still looking for testers in a day or two once I’ve fulfilled those other promises, let me know!


Pinging once more here–I wrote up an alternate walkthrough based on using a “speed up” command and if anyone is willing to give it a quick whirl for a smoke test I’d be appreciative. (I mean, I have, but I also have blind spots!)

I would take look at it, if you need.

I’d be happy to!

Thanks so much to both of you! While I’m open to further offers (especially if someone can give a more in depth look) this is a great morale boost to go get something to eat and come back to these quick replies.


If you want, I can return the favour :wink:

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I’m also willing to take a look at your game!

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It’s probably a bit late now, as IF Comp has started. You can play the finished game from there.


Yes, belated thanks … now’s a good time to play a whole bunch of them!

(As for my own entry, I may need help with a quick post-comp release and of course I am glad to trade testing efforts.)