Looking for Prolog Programmers

Looking for Prolog Programmers

A new MUD server for doing IF has been started and reached the point of “working”


WIKI github.com/TeamSPoon/logicmoo/wiki
SOURCE CODE github.com/TeamSPoon/logicmoo
HOMEPAGE mud.prologmoo.com/
GOOGLEDOCS drive.google.com/#folders/0B0QA … XEzc3hjTWM
WEB TELNET prologmoo.com/hmud/
SPARQL mud.prologmoo.com:3020/
MUD HTTP mud.prologmoo.com:3020/mud/
TELNET telnet://mud.prologmoo.com:4000

Project Goals

  1. To test and do practical Knowledge Engineering about a virtual realm of objects. (Expertly build rooms with objects based on rules.)
    Sometimes its easier to model the world as and how we see it.

  2. Perform higher level operations and model how state changes happen with our objects

  3. To animate non-player character agents from propositional rules

  4. Provide a interface for humans to involve themselves in the lives of logically created agent creatures.

  5. To represent episodic models of memory for each agent. (As well as abducing or creating ‘Beliefs’)

  6. Craft rooms in English (Similar to I7 … however their is no “compilation phase” needed)

Move to other Heading at https://intfiction.org/t/looking-for-prolog-programmers-ontologists-smes-knowledge/6812/1 Sorry it belonged there as it is “Technical”

Do you want technical discussion of your project, or questions from potential collaborators about how they can contribute? Your post makes it sound like the latter.

What made me post here at first was “collaborators” knowing that “Authoring” requires a brilliance and usually even programming (whether that language was I7, I6 or TADs).

But then I realized this thread is going to lead to quite few technical questions from potential collaborators that go down the road of interpreter design considerations. To me it seemed “interpreter programming discussion”. So I couldn’t decide which sub forum it belongs in :slight_smile: Since even the technical discussion need “game authors” to weigh in at some point and outside the Tech discussion

There is already a chance for game authoring but at present game is stored in prolog facts and rules. github.com/TeamSPoon/logicmoo/b … rek.all.pl (interpreted story file - the code that I used to generate this was initially written for a different project which I am cleaning up to pass DFARs regulation compliance) We are ready for that sort of game authorship collaboration shown in that datafile.

OK, so I’ll see if I can describe correctly in the next few days what sort of game authoring collaboration we are ready for AND…

Answer any questions from potential collaborators about how they can contribute.

I started to make a video saved at youtu.be/XUNwYHBWJwQ

Though I need to edit it down to the meat and potatoes. Knowing myself I’d rather code than edit video or create a catalog of what is gone over in the 54 minutes so I realized I better uploaded instead of putting it off… After I get a few raw videos uploaded… I’ll edit them down the most useful parts