Looking for playtesters for short parser IFComp 2024 game "Bad Beer"

Hi all!

I’m looking for people who can have a look at a game I’m entering into IFComp this year.

It’s a short game, where the player has to figure out what is causing some mysterious goings on. Content warnings = alcohol (the game is set in a British pub selling beer), some spooky stuff and possibly even death.

It’s a parser game, written in Inform 10, with a gblorb game file. So you’ll need access to an interpreter for that.

I’m not sure how long the game will take to play, but maybe an hour or longer. I do include a walkthrough, as well as a covering email mentioning key things to check for.

Ideally I’d want initial playtesting feedback by July 1st, to allow me to implement fixes - big and small! - in time. And to allow me time to seek extra playtesting if need be.

If you can help please send me a private message here. I’ll need to know your email address for sending on the game file plus full testing info.

Many thanks!



I’ve had a marvellous response to this request. Thanks so much to the community! I think I’ve got enough folks for now. But I will put out a further call if needed in due course. Thanks again so much :heart_eyes:


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