Looking for playtesters for a Spring Thing 'remaster'


Last year I made my very first Twine game*. It was essentially a ‘remaster’ of a game I originally made in Google Forms (!). Although I’m still getting my head around the coding, the Twine version allowed me to add more features and make much better use of a more capable format.

In my continuing Twine education, I’m getting ready to release my second game made in Twine, and this time… it’s a remaster of a game I originally made in Google Forms.

As it’s a remaster, it’s going to be released in the ‘Back Garden’ at this year’s Spring Thing, but it’s a ground-up remake that adds new features, new story elements and a much-improved user experience.

What it really needs now are some playtesters to help make it the best version it can be (and no need to have tried the original, in fact, that’s probably an advantage).

Reply or PM if interested. Thank you!


An abandoned ship is found adrift in the South China Sea. Its radio is silent and there’s no sign of anyone on board.

Discover what happened, what cargo it was carrying and if there are any survivors. As you slowly make your way through the empty corridors and cabins, you must piece together the story through found notes and messages. You’ll need to discover codes, locate passwords and make difficult decisions in order to accomplish your mission. But be warned, time is not on your side.

Look for clues and uncover the secrets of The Kuolema…

* recently voted ‘outstanding Twine game 2023’ on IFDB


I just wanted to say that I’m really looking forward to this. I enjoyed the original version of this game, but was a bit stymied by the interface and never finished it. Do you still need testers? If not, I’ll just wait for the Thing to begin.


Ah, you’re the perfect audience for this remake :slight_smile: I’ve not had any testers on it yet, so if you’re happy to try the pre-release version (which is pretty close to finished I think), I’ll PM you a link to try it out.

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Can I still opt in for this one? I’m not really adept at testing Twines (except for showering Lady Thalia with PM-comments during comps), but maybe that’s a good thing?

Hey, of course! One of the aims of this game is to be as ‘open’ as possible for players who’ve never even tried IF (not that I’m putting you in that category!). I’m also trying to hit that sweet spot of challenge without too much frustration, so all feedback is really important! I’ll PM you a link to the test version.

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