Looking for Playtesters / Feedback on the game I didn't finish for the Bare Bones Jam!

Hello all!

I entered the following game in the Bare Bones Jam, and was hoping that some of the other participants would give me feedback… but none came.

Now I need a BOOST / BOOT to get the game finished!

It’s a Choices Matter Murder Mystery set in an Alternate History 1929 on a dirigible.
Your choices affect:
what kind of person you are
which people like / distrust you
who has an alibi alongside you
what order evidence is unlocked (limited questions you can ask)
whether or not you solve the mystery!

I’ll accept ANY feedback, but if you need guidance, I’m looking for:

  1. At what point you got bored
  2. When you wished you could do something that wasn’t presented as an option
  3. What you felt about the protagonist / world
  4. What wasn’t explained well enough
  5. Any feelings you had about any of the characters
  6. Tips / advice

I’m planning to play this soon; I’ll be happy to give feedback once I do!


Just played through until there were no more choices!

Feedback with spoilers

I enjoyed what was there; I liked having the opportunity to solve tiny mysteries to earn points before the main storyline began, and I liked the airship setting. I’m also intrigued by the murder given the interesting dynamics of the Breisky family, with the son who doesn’t want the business, the younger second wife, the stoic valet… so mainly, I was just disappointed when it ended!

One thing that did stand out to me was that we didn’t get introduced to all the characters before the murder happened, so when it first mentioned “the lady inventor,” for example, I’d had no idea that was someone who was on board. Having the MC do some more observation of the fellow passengers while waiting at the beginning might be a good way to introduce us to some of them earlier.

When you have a new version done (even if it’s still not completely finished), I’d be happy to do more playtesting!

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Thank you, yes, that’s excellent feedback. I should definitely add at least a little description of the other passengers before they board… Perhaps like an overview, and then you could pay closer attention to two before you’re called to board?

I’ll let you know when there is more!

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