Looking for last-minute additional beta-testers for a short Twine game for IFComp

I’m looking for beta-testers for a short Twine game (probably less than half an hour to fully complete). I know this is last-minute, but it’s been through several rounds of testing by a couple of other people and I’m confident that there aren’t any huge technical issues and it’s ready to submit as-is if necessary.

What I’m looking for out of beta-testers is mainly the following:

  • I think we have probably been staring at the game for too long at this point to notice any remaining typos, punctuation errors, or formatting issues, so I would love to get some fresh eyes on that.

  • The game has a lot of randomized bits of text, and while testing it myself I’ve run into a couple instances where the phrasing of the randomized bit didn’t work with the surrounding grammar in all the possible places where it could show up. It would be hard for me to exhaustively check for this myself, so if more people could play through while keeping an eye out for this, that would be great.

Obviously, people who could turn this around today would be ideal, but since there shouldn’t be anything huge, in a pinch I’m willing to take feedback over the next several days and do an update shortly after judging opens with whatever minor fixes are necessary.

PM me if interested. Thanks!

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