Looking for Interactive stories writers [Pinkverse]

Hello! I’m Diana, an acquistion editor at Pinkverse, which is an interactive story game. We are looking for authors who are familiar with interactive game play stories and have novel writing experience to cooperate with, our basic requirements are:

  • Played or already wrote for an interactive story game.
  • Proficient in English (PS: we are not targeting writers from Nigeria, Phillippines and Indonesia as we already have a lot of writers from these countries, please understand)
  • Able to meet target deadlines.

Please visit our website www.pinkverse.app or download Pinkverse: Story Universe to have a look at our platform. Our writer support program offers publishing award, signing rewards, monthly attendance bonus, star story bonus, completion award and many other benefits!

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact me at [dianaohanes@gmail.com]

Looking for great talents to work with!

Just checking real quick, is this a platform that pays advances with royalties, or one where writers write games for free and earn money based on performance?

There are (or have been) a few companies that will hire authors for about $.05-$.10 per word in advances (usually $5000-$10000) under a contract with milestones, and then offer some type of royalties (between 5% and 25%).

There are also some companies like Choices or Episode which mainly rely on authors who write for free and only get paid if the game gets popular.

Which model do you guys operate under?


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Here’s the initial thing for contracts:

Didn’t read far enough to know what red diamond-looking things are and why 20 of them is a good thing.

Excuse me, but we get a lot of spammy scammy companies driving by here hoping to get free work out of people. It’s not weird to be suspicious of you.


Hello Brian, there are certain requirements that an author must follow during their work in order to get paid, and the payment can differ depending on your story’s objective data (such as the effective number of readers, likes, comments…ect)

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Hi, sorry for one of Pinkverse’s AE reply previously.

I’m one of the SE in Pinkverse and I can help with your questions. We are basically similar to Episode but we sign quality stories published in our app if the writer is interested in applying for a contract. We offer upto 30% profit share for the contracts signed. Additionally, we have bonuses like Monthly Update bonus, Completion bonus and star story bonus to encourage writers.

Hope this helps, lemme know if you have more questions. You can contact me at angryybirdd27 in FB and via email: dhana@imaginelab.xyz

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