Looking for interactive fiction work from years ago (Resolved: It was With those we love alive)

I’m unsure where to post this, but the basic gist is that I randomly remembered playing (reading? Unsure of the correct term) a free, web based interactive fiction game (novel?) some years ago that had been recommended from an article on a blog or game review site (can’t rightly recall which).

To the best of my memory, which is probably flawed, the game involved the following:
-No visuals, only text with colorful backgrounds (just shades of colour, no shapes)
-You are presented with choices now and again and the story unfold according to those choices
-You’re some type of inventor working in service to an alien insectoid monarch (what the entity is exactly might be different)
-Unsure of location but presumably earth
-You have a love interest I believe that might be a human female. In some scenarios she dies.
-There is a scenario where an annual occurrence involves the queen giving birth to larva (could be described differently). They’re meant to be killed lest they reach full size and pose a threat to the current Queen/monarch. You find some that have hidden and are presented with the choice to kill them or pretend you didn’t see them.
-There may have been some ambient noise or music

Any help is appreciated greatly.


I haven’t played it, but I think that’s Rogue of the Multiverse:

Edit: actually maybe that’s not right since I think the inventor type character in Rogue is an NPC? I dunno, that’s still my best guess :slight_smile:

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Rogue of the Multiverse does a lot of those things that you mention, so there’s a good chance that’s it!

If not, it could also be With Those We Love Alive:

This is a choice-based game where you serve an alien queen, and you’re asked to draw symbols on your skin.


This is it!
Thanks so much I really appreciate it.


of course it is!!!

Every time I scroll past this post in the forum lists, I think: “Years ago? With Those We Love Alive was only, well, ten years ago.”

Then I think “The entire history of Infocom as a company, Apple2 Zork to shutting down, was ten years.”