Looking for help to test a new adventure "The Elves of Maroland"

I’m looking for someone to help me test the version of “Los Elfos e Maroland” in English.
I would need someone who could find errors in both the translation and the gameplay. At this time, the English version is fully playable in CPC and MSDOS, but testing would be performed in MSDOS, for its template transcription capabilities.
The idea is, as in its Spanish version (available here: Los Elfos de Maroland (DAAD) – Desventuras conversacionales), that the game can finally be released for the majority of systems from the late 80s. Can anyone help me?


Is this inspired by A Wizard of Earthsea ?

The general idea of ​​the plot, some names of the protagonists, and some islands yes, but then the plot no. When I started writing the adventure, over 30 years ago, I had just finished A Wizard of EarthSea :grinning:

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