Looking for games

I’ve just started playing interactive fiction and I’ve played some of the games recommended for beginners (Glowgrass, Dreamhold, Phototopia, 9.05 and Bronze) I enjoyed them a lot more than I expected.
I looking for games where you can’t get stuck - I don’t have enough patience for games where it’s possible to reach a dead end but not know it - also I’m not very good at these yet so I’m looking for games that aren’t too hard.
I’m think about Anchorhead, Counterfeit Monkey, Sider and Web or Blue Lacuna - is it possible to get stuck in any of these and are any of them very difficult?

It should be impossible to get stuck in Counterfeit Monkey or Blue Lacuna. You’ll want to make saves anyway, because they’re really too long to be played in a single sitting.

I’m pretty sure you can get stuck in Anchorhead - usually by entering into a particular high-stakes sequence without having acquired or prepared the right inventory items for it.

You can get stuck in Spider & Web, but only, I think, in the endgame. (I think it might even flag up when exactly you pass this point.)

As for general difficulty - you can put Blue Lacuna into an Easy mode, but apart from that none of them are what I’d call easy. Spider and Web is pretty difficult, particularly when it comes to figuring out that endgame. Anchorhead has lots of puzzles and a great deal of death, and while none of them are exactly unfair, it’s definitely the sort of game where puzzles stump you for a while. Monkey is a good deal easier, on the whole, but it’s still very much a puzzler, and there are a few rough corners in it that you may get hung up on.

Lost Pig!

Here are a few games that I thought were fun and not too difficult. I don’t think you can get into a dead end with any of them:

The Earth and Sky series
Walker & Silhouette
Tales of the Traveling Swordsman

You might enjoy some choice-based IF that has no puzzles at all.

Versu versu.com/
fallenlondon.storynexus.com/ (or anything else from StoryNexus)

And, ah, (ahem) we make a lot of games like these:


I would like to think that “Beet the Devil” is friendly to new players, but since I wrote it, my perspective is not the best.

Thanks for the recommendations - I am playing Lost Pig at the moment and I play to play Blue Lacuna next and also to give Beet the Devil and Tales of the Traveling Swordsman a try. I’m hoping that the more I play the better I will get at puzzles so I can then try some games that sound very good but look very difficult.