Looking for fun, clean games

Hey all!

I’m new to playing IF, and I’m looking for titles that fit the following criteria:
No magic,
no sex,
no language,
isn’t dark or scary.

This doesn’t mean a game can has no serious moments, but some games can blur lines between tense and scary.

Please leave your suggestions and a description of the game. IF looks fun, and as an aspiring IF author I would like to play some to see what to model, but I should be able to safely play with my family, and magic seems to be a bit of a theme.



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Try Six by Wade Clarke.

Charming game about a six-year-old’s birthday party, but plenty difficult for adults.


Child’s Play is a game about being a baby that has to get adults to do what you want. It’s pretty fun!

The Fire Tower is about exploring nature. No puzzles, peaceful and relaxing.

Sugarlawn is about a reality show involving racing through an old mansion/building wearing a chicken suit and gathering items.

Diddlebucker! is another game about a game show, this time collecting tickets around a park.

Alias ‘The Magpie’ is a funny comedy set in the UK a few decades back with a gentleman thief called the Magpie.

If you allow science fiction, that opens up many more games. How do you feel about futuristic settings and aliens?


Science fiction sounds great as well. Thanks for these suggestions! I’ll have to check them out!

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How about Lady Thalia and the Seraskier Sapphires?


You can also check out a bunch of Ryan Veeder’s games. But anything by Chandler Groover or Hanon Ondricek is right out.

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Try Sentient Beings by @Grizel. If you don’t mind a tiny bit of magic, also try Reflections by the same author. Both are family friendly and have nice graphics. Both are written in Adventuron, so you can play in your browser without having to download anything extra.


To be Fair… although I don’t know if a time machine easter egg would count as “magic”.

(But yes, my games are in large part not appropriate for discerning players!)

I’m writing a suuuper G-rated game for this year’s IF Comp about breeding cats. The only ‘darkness’ is that the player character’s Mom died before the story after a long illness, and the PC is also discovering that they’re chronically ill. But it’s mostly about cats and kittens, with lots of cute pictures and optional G-rated romance.

Part 1 is finished and polished can be read as a complete story (it ends when the kittens are born). If you like I can also credit you and the kids as beta testers :slight_smile: My own kids are 7 and 9.

Because it’s an IF Comp story, I can only send you the play link via Direct Message.

There’s Imagination, which is about a child’s dreams.

A couple of goofy games that kids might enjoy: To Make A Sandwich and You Are A Disc (etc, etc)

There’s also 4 Little Mice, which is in a cute little poem format (although there are some mice deaths).