Looking for feedback, nervous IF fans won't like my work

So I’ve been working on my own interactive fiction for the past year (full-time), and am about to reach “Beta” status. I’m nervous as heck to let real IF fans play it, but figure I need to sooner than later… so if you would like to provide feedback on the project, I would be most grateful!

There are a few items that I’m worried may not go over well for fans of the genre:

  • There are many graphical elements
  • Combat uses a mini-card game
  • Story snippets are kept brief, focusing on adventure and replayability

Sign-up is here!

There is some basic information on my site, but feel free to ask any questions here as well!

Thanks for your consideration!

I don’t see any of the three elements you refer being prohibitive to anyone’s enjoyment. :slight_smile: In fact, a mini-card game for combat in a text adventure? I’m impressed and intrigued!

Hah, thanks so much Peter!

Well I must admit my background in IF comes from the choose-your-own-adventure books as a kid, and later as an adult I learned about gamebooks on the app store. After I realized I wanted to create “one of these things” I started scouring the internet for communities, like-minded-minds, and similar works. And then I found the world of “interactive fiction”.

It’s big. And contains all sorts of works. I’ve always been a fan of adventure, adversity, and action in stories! But many works take it much deeper with great character development and witty writing. In Heroes Guard: The Journal the only character you are truly developing is yourself. The game is filled with several short-stories instead of one massive novel. Its just different, and I fear that they won’t like something that takes a genre they love and twists and bends at its threads.

But thanks so much for taking a look… I’m continuing to be excited and nervous :slight_smile:

The beta is now live! If you signed up, details should be in your inbox! :slight_smile:

So reception for beta #1 was very warm!

  • “I am really enjoying the game so far, and will definitely buy it when it comes out!”
  • “Got to try out the game; it was really good”
  • “General feedback: Awesome…”
  • "I am having fun with the beta testing and will easily want the complete version. "
  • “It is a lot of fun… and I can also see it being a neat way to get younger people to read more!”
  • “it was a really fun game!”

And here I am with round #2! If you didn’t get a chance to try out this unique gamebook, I would love to have your feedback - especially if you have some critiques!

You can sign-up here!

The beta is now available for those that signed-up, so check your inboxes! I’m excited to get feedback on this update!