Looking for collaborator to learn inform 7


  I have been trying various tactics to learn inform 7 such as reading the documentation and "Creating Interactive Fiction With Inform 7" by Aaron A. Reed.  In regard to the later I have added suggested text from the book to inform 7 documents and created three to four page "cheat sheets" per chapter (anything to cram material in my head, so to speak).  In regard to the former I have learned a lot in general, but there is so much detail to master (over twenty headings with around fifteen subheadings apiece).  I have finished reading the heading "things" in the documentation and am midway through chapter four in the book.

  Is there anyone who would be willing to collaborate with me to learn inform 7?  This could lead to writing an IF work or just taking away the learning about the language itself.  I think having a partner would be a good check for comprehension of the material.

                                 Craig Ugoretz

Question: does your collaborator have to be a novice? I feel like collaborating on something, and so far I’ve yet to write an IF, but I don’t know if I qualify for what you have in mind.

Björn Paulsen:

  I am totally a novice and have been starting from scratch.  If this is your understanding of inform 7 as well, we would make good partners in a collaboration.  I have no ideas for an IF novel at this time beyond just learning the programming language, but if ideas would present themselves a little later on, I would consider running with them.  At this time, however, I basically want to test for comprehension of learned material.

          Craig Ugoretz

P.S. Come to think of it, if you are not a novice, but you want to collaborate by “coming down to my level”, that certainly would be a most gracious gesture in due fairness.

Technically I suppose I’ve mastered the basics of I7, but I would certainly be improving a lot more by looking at Inform 7 in a new way. If you think you’d be better off by collaborating with someone at your general level, then you should definitely choose that, instead.


Whats everyone been doing? i feel i need something real and if-ish to work on to internalize my shallow i7 knowledge…

Perhaps set weekly / fortnightly / ??? tasks? Then at the end everyone share their code.

It might be an original light source. Something that can be activated by thought, (I’m just throwing things out there), a magic rule, a lever which makes something change in another room, with a hint in the current room as to what it does, etc?