Looking for choose your own adventure writers for magazine

Hi! We’re looking for writers to create micro choose your own adventure games for a magazine.

We’re thinking something that would work in small single line choices which could be use in the margins. There’d be around 20 snippets to navigate between and we’d be looking for light hearted fun.

I’m not sure if this is the right audience for this, but it would be good to discuss whether anyone here would like a go, or has any better ideas :slight_smile:

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Hi, do you have a submission process and such? Or are you just feeling out responses? Just wondering. I’m interested but details would be great.

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Only that you can drop me a message on here and we can chat over email. Pitch me the idea and let me know what you think the challenges would be :slight_smile:

Is this still an opportunity and if it is, what is the title of the magazine? Thanks.