Looking for beta testers to try out collaborative IF site

I hope it’s okay to post this in this forum.

I created a collaborative interactive fiction site and wanted people to come give it a try. It’s basically an “exquisite corpse”-style interactive fiction creation site. You can start a new story or add to existing ones. Please check it out here:


It is very beta-ish and I plan on adding new features, but for now I want to test out the idea to see if has any wheels or if there are obvious things that are missing.

This Way or That is quite like a choose your own adventure wiki. There are a few short CYOAs available. If you reach a leaf node you, the player, can add more choices. If a node lacks text, you can write something.

I found it easy to add choices playing on my mobile. This would be fun to play socially. The sign in or register link overlaps with the write a story link. You can sign in with a Google or Twitter account.

This looks exciting! I’ve been writing collaborative CYOAs for years, (32 years in fact). Does the system allow you to publish games privately or do they all appear on the main menu? I’d like the option to limit contributors to a small group.

Nifty! Serendipitously, I am currently writing a similar “wiki-CYOA” game github.com/Quuxplusone/NeverendingStory . I have a fairly vivid memory of a similar game existing way back in the '90s; unless I’m mixing up my memories, one of the stories available on that one involved a Lovecraftian plot with a squid statuette and the word “Astaroth”. I’d like to know if anyone had any information related to the one I remember.

The problem with “wiki-CYOA” is you need a lot of text to bootstrap the site. Requires inspiration of two types: programming/site-design and content/literary. :slight_smile: