Looking for beta-testers for 'Uncle Mortimer's Secret'

I’ve just completed my latest game ‘Uncle Mortimer’s Secret’ which has a time-travel theme. It was written from the ground up in QBASIC64 for Windows on the PC.

It has been played by only one tester so far, and there will no doubt still be bugs and quirks lurking in there.


Everyone loves a time-travel adventure, right? This game is a lot of fun (and replete with quirks) but could use another tester or two as I won’t have caught all the bugs. Hopefully someone else here will be interested in giving it a spin.

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The problem is QBASIC. Even the compatible QB64 is a hassle to have on Raspberry Pi. The best solution so far is to compile the whole thing! So, not for me. Sorry.

bwbasic works well on the RPi.

There are very few programming languages that aren’t supported on the RPi.

I’ll check that out. Thanks. I know bbcbasic is available, but at 32K available memory, it’s just not suitable.

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