Looking For Beta Testers For "The Time Machine" v2.0

Having received permission to enter v2.0 of “The Time Machine” in The Spring Thing’s Back Garden, I am looking for a few beta testers for this new version (the first version, a sequel to H.G. Wells’ novella of the same name, was written for ParserComp 2021 and ranked 6th out of 18 entries).

Since July of 2021 I’ve written an additional 65,000 words of code, adding, among other things:

  • Bug fixes to v1.0
  • Sub-windows for possessions, characters, and conversation topics (Flexible Windows extension)
  • Easier conversation with existing and new characters (Conversation Package extension)
  • Graphics for rooms, people, and things (Simple Graphical Window extension)
  • A three-line compass rose in the status bar (Basic Screen Effect extension)
  • Fire and the ability to burn things in the game world
  • Additional “Morlock Underground” rooms to explore, complete with Morlocks
  • Better integration of game objects into the world, refactoring several puzzles and objects that I initially “over-engineered”

Beta testing is tentatively scheduled for the month of February 2024 (02/01/24 to 02/22/24). You do not need to have played v1.0 to beta test v2.0.

I will not be requiring beta testers to provide a transcript of their playthrough (you may provide one if you so wish). With this version I am looking for your thoughts—good, bad, and ugly—based your experience playing the game and any suggestions you might have for its improvement.

Because of the added sub-windows and graphics , the latter of which can be turned off with a parser command, I will be recommending that beta testers use either Lectrote or Parchment for their testing (I will be providing a web site for the latter).

Please reach out to me via direct message with your contact information if you are interested in beta testing v2.0 of “The Time Machine.”


I’m still looking for beta testers for v2.0 of The Time Machine. The Beta test period has been changed from January to February (02/01/24 to 02/22/24).

Please direct message me if you are interested in being a beta tester of this version.


Sure! I’d like to take a look.


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